fairy tales for grown up

Most valuable.

One man in childhood was very close to his old neighbor.

But the time passed, there has been the school and hobbies, then work and personal life. Every minute the young man was busy, and he did not have time to recall the past or even to stay with friends.

Once he heard that the neighbor had died, and suddenly remembered: the old man that had taught him a lot, trying to replace the boy of his deceased father.
Feeling his guilt, he came to the funeral.

In the evening, after the burial, the man went into the deserted house of the deceased. Everything was as it was many years ago …

Only a small golden box, in which, according to the old man, the most valuable thing was kept for him, disappeared from the table.
Thinking that it was taken by someone from a few relatives, the man left the house.

However, two weeks later he received a parcel.
Seeing her neighbor’s name on it, the man shuddered and opened the parcel.

Inside lay the very same golden box.
In it were a pocket gold watch with an engraving: “Thank you for the time you spent with me.”

And he realized that the most valuable thing for the old man was the time spent with his little friend.

Since then, the man has been trying to devote as much time as possible to the loved ones.

Life is measured not by the number of breaths.
It is measured by the number of moments that cause us to hold our breath.

Time flows from us every second. And you need to spend it right.

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