fairy tales for grown up

Go ahead!

There once lived a woodcutter, who was in a very distressed situation.
He existed on insignificant sums of money, earned for firewood, which he brought to the city on himself from the nearest forest.

One day a sage, who was passing along the road, saw him at work and advised him to go further into the forest, saying:
“Go ahead, go ahead!”

The woodcutter obeyed the advice, went into the forest and walked forward until he reached the sandalwood.
He was very pleased with this find, cut down the tree and, taking with him as many pieces as he could carry, sold them at the market for a good price.

Then he began to wonder why a good sage did not tell him that there is a sandalwood in the forest but simply advised him to go ahead.

The next day, reaching the felled tree, he went on and found the copper deposits. He took with him as much copper as he could carry and, after selling it at the market, bailed out even more money.

The next day he went even further and found silver placers.

The next day he found gold, then – diamonds and, finally, acquired enormous wealth.

This is the position of a person who aspires to true knowledge: if he does not stop in his movement after he reaches some paranormal powers, he will eventually find the wealth of eternal Knowledge and Truth.

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