fairy tales for grown up

The potatoes.

The disciple asked the teacher:

“You are so wise.” You are always in a good mood, never angry. Help me to be like that.

The teacher agreed and asked the pupil to bring some potatoes and a transparent bag.

“If you get angry with someone and harbor resentment,” the teacher said, “then take one of the potatoes.” Write on it the name of the person with whom the conflict occurred, and put this potatoes in the bag.

“And it’s all?” – The student asked in bewilderment.

“No, – answered the teacher. – You should always carry this bag with you. And every time you offend someone or your offended by someone, add potatoes to it.”

The disciple agreed. Some time passed.
The disciples bag was replenished with potatoes and became quite heavy.

It was very inconvenient to always carry it with him.
In addition, the potato that he put in at the beginning, began to deteriorate.
They covered himself with a slippery, ugly plaque, some sprouted, some blossomed and began to emit a sharp unpleasant smell.

The disciple came to the teacher and said:

“It’s impossible to carry around anymore. Firstly, the package is too heavy, and secondly, the potato has deteriorated. Offer something else.”

But the teacher replied:

“It’s the same with you. It’s just that you do not notice at once.
Deeds turn into habits, habits – into a character that produces malodorous vices.
I gave you the opportunity to observe this process from the outside.
Every time you decide to take an offense or, on the contrary, offend someone, think about whether you need this load.”

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