fairy tales for grown up

The donkey.

One day a donkey fell into a well and began to yell loudly, calling for help.

At his screams, the owner of the donkey came running and spread his hands but for him was impossible to pull the donkey out of the well.

And then the owner reasoned like this:
“My donkey is already old, and he was not long left, and I still wanted to buy a new young one.
And this well is already completely dry, and I have long wanted to dig a new one.
So why not immediately kill two birds with one stone.
I’ll fill the old well, and I’ll bury the donkey at the same time.”

Without thinking twice, he called his neighbors, and all amicably took up shovels and began to throw the earth in the well.

The donkey immediately realized what is going on, and he had started to shout loudly, but people did not pay attention to his cries and silently continued to throw the earth into the well.

However, very soon the donkey fell silent. When the owner looked into the well, he saw the next picture – every piece of land that fell on the back of the donkey, he shook and kicked.

After a while, to everyone’s surprise, the donkey was upstairs and jumped out of the well!

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