fairy tales for grown up

A pie.

One person certainly wanted to become a disciple of the true Master and, having decided to check the correctness of his choice, asked the Master this question:

“Can you explain to me what is the purpose of life?”

“I cannot,” the answer came.

“Then at least tell me – what is its meaning?” – asked he again.

“I cannot.” – the Master replayed calmly.

“Can you say something about the nature of death and about life beyond that?” – tried for the last time the questioner.

“I cannot.”- the same answer followed.

The frustrated man retired.

The disciples were confused: How could their Master appear in such an unattractive light?

Then the Master reassured them, by saying:

“What is the use of knowing the purpose and meaning of life if you have never felt its taste?
It is better to eat a pie than to talk about it.”

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