fairy tales for grown up

Luck or unluck…

Two peasants lived next door. One of them was famous for its thick beard and diligence, and his neighbor with a red mustache was envious.
He could not close his eyes when the bearded man was getting on well, and sincerely laughed at his failures.

Once the bearded man laid down a cart and went fishing, followed by his neighbor. The bearded man was lucky all day, he caught a lot of fish.
When his envious man was lucky enough to get only one fish.

On the bridge on the way home, the bearded man has an accident with his cart and all the catch fell in the river, at the bottom of the cart was only one fish left.

The peasant was upset and scolded himself:
“Why did not I check the horseshoes beforehand, how could I not have thought of covering the catch with a net?”

But there was nothing to do, and the peasant, with annoyance, led the mare by the bridle toward the house. On the way, he met his neighbor.

“You’re so unlucky!” – the peasant with a red mustache was amused, – how could you lose all the catch ?!

“But I was lucky with catching, unlike you,” answered the bearded man.

They continued to argue which of them was successful, and who was a loser, despite the fact that their extraction was equal.

Their skirmish was heard by an old man passing by. And they asked him to judge them.

“Success does not depend on luck or unluck. The one who once smiled with a sudden success, will not be able to acquire the necessary experience and understand that she can just as easily leave, – said the old man, stroking his gray beard. – Only those who, having encountered problems and adversities, and managed to learn from them a lesson can truly succeed.
Such a person in the future will not repeat past mistakes and eventually become wiser and more successful.”

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