fairy tales for grown up

The shoot.

Stop complaining about difficulties and start shooting said the Master to the desciple.
“Master, – once asked the desciple, – why there are difficulties that prevent us from reaching the goal, reject us from the chosen path, try to make us recognize our weakness?”

“What you call difficulties,” – Master replied, – “is in fact part of your goal. Stop fighting with it.
Just think about it, and take it into account when you choose the path.
Imagine that you are shooting from a bow. The target is far away, and you can not see it, because a thick morning mist has fallen to the ground.
Do you fight fog? No, you wait when the wind blows and the fog flies. Now the target is visible, but the wind deflects the flight of your arrow.
Do you fight the wind? No, you just define its direction and make an amendment, shooting a little from a different angle. Your bow is heavy and stiff, you do not have enough strength to pull the bowstring.
Are you fighting the bow? No, you train your muscles, each time pulling on the string more and more.”

“But there are people who shoot light and flexible bows in clear, windless weather, – the disciple said in an offended tone. – Why does my shot meet so many obstacles in its path? Does the world resist to my movement forward?”

“Never look at others, – The Master smiled. – Everyone has his own bow, his own target and his own time for a shot. Some make their goal accurate hit, others – the ability to learn how to shoot.

The teacher lowered his voice and leaned toward the disciple:

“And I want to reveal a terrible secret to you, my boy. The fog does not fall to the ground in order to prevent your shot, the wind does not start to blow to steer your arrow aside, the hard bow created by the archer is not for you to realize your weakness.
All this exists by itself. It’s you who decided that you could exactly hit the target in these conditions. Therefore, either stop complaining about difficulties and start shooting, or pacify your pride and choose a lighter goal. The goal, which you can shoot at close range …”

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