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Parents gift

One day an old wise man was walking along the road, looking at nature and admired the spring bright colors. Then he saw a man carrying an immense load on his shoulders. It was noticeable how his legs were weakened by such a weight.

“Why do you condemn yourself to such hard work and suffering?” – The old man asked.

“I suffer so my grandchildren and children will be happy, – answered the poor fellow. – My great-grandfather condemned himself to hard work for the sake of the grandfather, grandfather for my father’s sake, my father for me, so I will suffer for the sake of my children’s happiness.”

“And someone in your family has been happy?” – asked the wise interlocutor.

“Not yet, but children and grandchildren will surely be happy!” – The man exclaimed dreamily.

“Unfortunately, the illiterate cannot teach to read, and the mole will never raise an eagle! – Sighed the old wise man. – First, you need to learn to be happy yourself, only then you will be able to teach your children happiness. This will be your most valuable gift.”

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