fairy tales for grown up

The peace

Once a man, tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, decided to find peace in his soul and calm his heart. For this, he decided to stay in a quiet and peaceful place, where nothing would distract him from meditation and reflection.
The city was too noisy and he decided to go into the forest.

In the forest, for only a moment, it seemed as if silence reigned here. Within minutes he began to hear more and more sounds: grasshoppers chirped, birds sang, trees rustled … It did not suited him and he decided to find a place in which it was supposed to be much quieter.

A few more days went in search of a cave. And then he finally found the right one, it was incredibly quiet and calm. Only the man has settled in it, as he revealed the following: in the corner dripping water.
And the quieter it was in the cave, the more clearly were the sounds of dripping water. So the man became very annoyed.

Then he decided that silence can be provided only in his own house with soundproofing. Another six months left for construction.
And then, at last, the man sat down in the middle of the house and … “tick-tock, tick-so …” – the clock did not stop in complete silence.
In a rage, the man tore off his watch and broke it against the wall.

Here. ” The moment has come. Nothing is distracting. The man took a deep breath and … “tuk-tuk, tuk-tuk …” – his heart pounded in his chest all louder and louder.

Then it came to the revelation; peace in the soul does not depend on external circumstances. Everything is inside – all problems and all solutions.
The realization of this unique moment makes life easier.
And he stopped looking for the guilty and began to live in peace with the most important person in his life – with himself.

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