fairy tales for grown up


One day a scorpion asked the turtle to transport it across the river. The tortoise refused, but the scorpion begged her.

“Well, all right, – the turtle agreed, – just give me your word that you will not sting me.”

Scorpio gave his word. Then the turtle planted it on its back and swam across the river. The Scorpion sat quietly for half the way, but then painfully and abruptly stung the turtle.

“Are not you ashamed of yourself, scorpion?” After all, you gave your word! And now we both going to die” – Cried the turtle.

“So what? – The scorpion asked coolly. – Tell me, why did you, knowing my disposition, agree to take me across the river?”

“I always try to help everyone, this is my nature,” – answered the turtle.

“My friend, – the scorpion answered her, – your nature is to help everyone, and mine to sting everyone. So, you turn your nature now into a great virtue, and then you call me meanness?”

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