“Tell me, Master, how can I change the world?” The disciple asked.

– For this, first of all, you need to change yourself. After all, in order to give light, happiness, peace, and love, you need to have them at your disposal. And even when you grab them and want to give them, no one will give you a guarantee that your gift will help the other to change.

You can give people freedom and a cure for suffering, although they can hardly be called a “gift” that you can enjoy without doing anything. Freedom and medicine are like a sword that does not protect you and others unless you take it in hand and fight. Freedom is given along with responsibility, but its weight is so heavy that not everyone can shoulder it, and not everyone will bear the bitterness of medicines. Many will not accept your “gifts”, because it is easier for them to live in slavery and with illness than to bear the burden of responsibility and endure the pain of treatment.

Remember, you cannot give happiness, you can only indicate the path to it.

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