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You could have…

A knight was going through the desert. On his long way, he lost his horse, helmet, and armor. Only the sword remained. The knight was hungry, and he was thirsty. Suddenly he saw a lake in the distance. He collected all the remaining forces and went to the water. But near the lake sat a… Continue reading You could have…

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Parents gift

One day an old wise man was walking along the road, looking at nature and admired the spring bright colors. Then he saw a man carrying an immense load on his shoulders. It was noticeable how his legs were weakened by such a weight. "Why do you condemn yourself to such hard work and suffering?"… Continue reading Parents gift



When the beloved, and beautiful wife of the Persian king Darius died, the life stopped for him. The monarch was inconsolable. Democritus promised to bring the deceased back to life if the king will give him everything he needs. Darius gave the order not to spare any money. Then the philosopher noticed that now he… Continue reading Self-pity.

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Defining what a real woman is in today's society is complex, fashion offers us lean, athletic and mostly androgynous women, but until the last century the prime example was given by the forms and sensuality was synonymous with prosperous curves and seductive. What women in this precise moment of history are at risk of losing,… Continue reading Women