fairy tales for grown up

What is better…

One woman complained to a neighbor about a friend who had offended her. The neighbor reassured her and persuaded her to forgive her friend. "Forgive her?" But how is it? After what she did to me? She's so mean! No, I cannot forgive evil, - said the woman. - And anyway, why should I love… Continue reading What is better…

who is in control of your life, you are important

Humility and Pride.

  The word "humility" comes from the Latin humilitas (humus), which means "fertile land" or simply "earth". Anthony of Sourozh clearly defined the essence of this word: "And if you take the earth as a parable, then it lies silent, open under the sky ... And the seed she takes, and the manure and everything… Continue reading Humility and Pride.

fairy tales for grown up

Three important questions

  The king of one country aspired to all wisdom. There was going rumors that there is a certain hermit who knows the answers to all the questions. The king came to him and sees; a decrepit old man, that digs a garden. He jumped off the horse and bowed to the old man. "I… Continue reading Three important questions

from a psychological point of view

The conscious mind

So let us see how do the thoughts, you don’t know you’re having run your life? You are living in a story. Now while you are the central character in that story, you have problems because you are creating the story unconsciously. Your mind is creat your map of the world. How does the mind… Continue reading The conscious mind