fairy tales for grown up

A pie.

One person certainly wanted to become a disciple of the true Master and, having decided to check the correctness of his choice, asked the Master this question: "Can you explain to me what is the purpose of life?" "I cannot," the answer came. "Then at least tell me - what is its meaning?" - asked… Continue reading A pie.

fairy tales for grown up

The donkey.

One day a donkey fell into a well and began to yell loudly, calling for help. At his screams, the owner of the donkey came running and spread his hands but for him was impossible to pull the donkey out of the well. And then the owner reasoned like this: "My donkey is already old,… Continue reading The donkey.

fairy tales for grown up

Money can not buy happiness.

The disciple asked the Master: "How true are the words that happiness is not in money?" He replied that they are completely faithful. And to prove it is simple; _ You can buy a bed for money, but not a dream. _ Food, but not appetite. _ Medicines, but not health. _ Servants, but not… Continue reading Money can not buy happiness.

fairy tales for grown up

The ability.

Once one of the notable people turned to the sage with the question: "Tell me, dear, since you're so clever, why are you not rich?" To which the sage, turning to his expensive caftan, embroidered in gold, answered: "You see, my dear caftan, my wealth is inside, not outside. After all, when your master falls… Continue reading The ability.

fairy tales for grown up

The difference.

A man walked along the shore and suddenly saw a boy who raised something from the sand and threw it into the sea. The man came closer and saw that the boy was lifting the stars from the sand. They surrounded him from all sides. It seemed that on the sand are millions of sea… Continue reading The difference.

fairy tales for grown up

The glass.

At the beginning of the lesson, the professor picked up a glass with a little water. He kept this glass until all the students paid attention to it, and then asked: "How much do you think this glass weighs?" "50 grams!" ... "100 grams!" ... "125 grams!" ... - assumed the students. "I myself do… Continue reading The glass.

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33 Erich Fromm citations about true love, happiness, freedom, anxiety and loneliness

1. The main task of man is to give life to himself, to become what he is potentially. The most important fruit of his efforts is his own personality. 2. We should not give anyone an explanation and report until our actions cause pain or infringe upon others. How many lives were destroyed by this… Continue reading 33 Erich Fromm citations about true love, happiness, freedom, anxiety and loneliness

fairy tales for grown up

The experience.

The Emperor of China sat on a platform under a canopy and read a book. Not far from him, a master was repairing his carriage. The emperor postponed the book and began to observe the actions of the old master, and then asked him: "Why are you repairing the carriage yourself, you are so old?… Continue reading The experience.