from a psychological point of view, who is in control of your life

Directions to work with fears.

Know that the greatest fear is fear of the unknown. Seek to meet the unknown with courage and a sense of adventure. - Jonathan Lockwood Huie The world is vague and we cannot do anything about it. The future is unpredictable. Therefore, our whole life is a risk. On the one hand, we must plan… Continue reading Directions to work with fears.

fairy tales for grown up

The fate

It was snowing. The weather was windless, and big fluffy snowflakes circled leisurely in a bizarre dance, slowly approaching the ground. Two snowflakes, that were flying alongside, decided to start a conversation. Afraid of losing each other, they joined their hands, and one of them cheerfully said: "How good it is to fly, I enjoy… Continue reading The fate

who is in control of your life

What is important?

The bad as a good thing happening in our lives. If you are tired to live crawling than try to stand up and have a look around. Admire yourself, the environment, your progress (if what you see can be called progress). Otherwise have a look for what you have exchanged your freedom, ideas, dreams, health,… Continue reading What is important?

who is in control of your life

Who are you?

Coming on this world we don't have any instructions how to live or to be more precise we forgot how to have access to them. So it seems that from the birth we are taught how to live, behave, think, expect... Family, school, college, society, religion. All feel obliged or entitled to make there contribution… Continue reading Who are you?