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Falling in love.

Love is an emotion in action. You can learn how to feel and cultivate your love... First, learn and know the different situations of love. Learn how to recognize them when you are feeling them. Then you go and share your love with others. A love between 2 people can only begin if the interaction… Continue reading Falling in love.

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Love is…

Love is the most powerful emotion a human being can experience. The strange thing is, that almost nobody knows what love is. Why is it so difficult to find love? The word "love" is used and abused for the expression of different sets of feelings. It is used as an expression of affection towards someone… Continue reading Love is…

fairy tales for grown up

The payment.

Early in the morning, when the Master was walking with his disciples in the garden, a young man approached them. Somewhat embarrassed, he greeted the Master and his disciples, and then asked: "Teacher, I love one girl very much, and our parents do not mind us being married, but I'm overcome by fears and doubts."… Continue reading The payment.

Child-parent relationship

The wind and his love.

The wind met a beautiful flower and fell in love with it. While he tenderly caressed the flower, she responded to him with even greater love, expressed in color and scent. But it seemed little to the wind, and he decided: "If I give the flower all my strength and power, then she will give… Continue reading The wind and his love.

fairy tales for grown up

The bet.

At the edge of the field stood Love and Separation and admired the young couple. Separation says to Love: "I bet I'll separate them!" To which the Love replied: "Wait, let me make just one approach to them, and then you can approach them as much as you want. So and then we'll see if… Continue reading The bet.

who is in control of your life, you are important

33 Erich Fromm citations about true love, happiness, freedom, anxiety and loneliness

1. The main task of man is to give life to himself, to become what he is potentially. The most important fruit of his efforts is his own personality. 2. We should not give anyone an explanation and report until our actions cause pain or infringe upon others. How many lives were destroyed by this… Continue reading 33 Erich Fromm citations about true love, happiness, freedom, anxiety and loneliness

fairy tales for grown up

The tea

One day a middle-aged man came to the Master. "Dear, I ask you for advice. I have pretty well adjusted my life. I have my own shop, I live in a good house, I have wonderful friends and I have long forgotten about the myriad of small everyday problems that bothered me before. But I… Continue reading The tea

fairy tales for grown up

Why shout?

Once Teacher asked his students: "Why, when people quarrel, they scream?" "Because they lose their composure," - said one. "But why shout if another person is with you? - The Teacher asked. - Can you not talk to him quietly? Why shout if you are angry?" The students offered their answers, but none of them… Continue reading Why shout?

Child-parent relationship, who is in control of your life, you are important

Betrayal of love. As I would like to be myself.

“ I find the best way to love someone is not to change them, but instead, help them reveal the greatest version of themselves.” – Steve Maraboli Instead, we all suffer in one way or another of the fact that we were disliked as a child, and this did not allow ourselves to be and… Continue reading Betrayal of love. As I would like to be myself.

fairy tales for grown up

How important Love is…

Once upon a long time on Earth, was an island on which all spiritual values ​​lived. But one day they noticed how the island began to go under the water. All the values ​​sat on their ships and swam away. On the island, there was only Love left. She waited until the last, but when… Continue reading How important Love is…

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Child psychological traumas

A psychological trauma causes long emotional experiences and has a long psychological impact. The cause of the trauma can be any significant event for a person: deception, betrayal, disappointment, injustice, violence, a death of a loved one, loss experiences, any crisis, illness. All these events may not be traumatic if a person integrated them into… Continue reading Child psychological traumas

you are important

Woman + Men = Can it work?

Where is a sad ending there is always a sad beginning. Each of us has a unique purpose, and all start by accepting and allow oneself the right to live a life that one feels. It seems a simple but at the same time hardly feasible task. A difficult task because from birth we have… Continue reading Woman + Men = Can it work?

fairy tales for grown up


Night. And again there was no sleep. A week ago he told me: "Sorry, but we will not succeed. It's not you, it's me. No offense…" These words, in different variations, I've heard countless times. And sometimes they just disappeared without words. And it was painful and hurtful. Again, though: "What, what am I doing… Continue reading Love