fairy tales for grown up

The secret.

There was one man who had avoided marriage all his life, and when he was dying at the age of ninety years, someone asked him: "You never married, but you never said why. Now, standing on the threshold of death, satisfy our curiosity. If there is any secret, at least now open it - because… Continue reading The secret.

you are important

A real man ?

How do you grow a male child at the time of female freedom? How do we teach respect for women, sharing family tasks, overcoming old stereotypes and rigidity of roles, without renouncing to make them "a real man"? And above all: what is "a real man" today? The mothers today are balancing at the last… Continue reading A real man ?

you are important

Woman + Men = Can it work?

Where is a sad ending there is always a sad beginning. Each of us has a unique purpose, and all start by accepting and allow oneself the right to live a life that one feels. It seems a simple but at the same time hardly feasible task. A difficult task because from birth we have… Continue reading Woman + Men = Can it work?