fairy tales for grown up


The students came to visit their old teacher. Of course, soon the conversation turned to life - the students complained of numerous difficulties and life problems. Suggesting his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and returned with a coffee pot and a tray, filled with a variety of cups - porcelain, glass, plastic,… Continue reading Life

fairy tales for grown up

The latter T

Master claimed that most people do not live in the world of Reality, but in a world created by their mind. When one scientist came to argue on this topic. Master laid on the floor two sticks in the shape of the letter "T" and asked: "What do you see here?" "The letter - T… Continue reading The latter T

from a scientific point of view

Create yur reality

You can create your own destiny by changing your consciousness level and with that your vibrations. Any level has his own vibrations and only that one, we can perceive. Imagine that around are a lot of different radio waves, but you syntonized only on one that you can have access to. Analogous to information carried… Continue reading Create yur reality