fairy tales for grown up

The payment.

Early in the morning, when the Master was walking with his disciples in the garden, a young man approached them. Somewhat embarrassed, he greeted the Master and his disciples, and then asked: "Teacher, I love one girl very much, and our parents do not mind us being married, but I'm overcome by fears and doubts."… Continue reading The payment.

Child-parent relationship, from a psychological point of view, who is in control of your life

Child psychological traumas

A psychological trauma causes long emotional experiences and has a long psychological impact. The cause of the trauma can be any significant event for a person: deception, betrayal, disappointment, injustice, violence, a death of a loved one, loss experiences, any crisis, illness. All these events may not be traumatic if a person integrated them into… Continue reading Child psychological traumas

you are important

Woman + Men = Can it work?

Where is a sad ending there is always a sad beginning. Each of us has a unique purpose, and all start by accepting and allow oneself the right to live a life that one feels. It seems a simple but at the same time hardly feasible task. A difficult task because from birth we have… Continue reading Woman + Men = Can it work?

Child-parent relationship

The reflection

The child is the mirror of the family; as in a drop of water, the sun reflects, so the children reflect the moral purity of the mother and father.(Vasily Alexandrovich Sukhomlinsky). Naturally, most parents want their children to grow up happy. Generally speaking, the parent usually use two main strategies of their parenting: the first… Continue reading The reflection