fairy tales for grown up

The two buckets.

A man had two buckets, and in one of them, there was a crack. For two years, he was carrying water home, when one bucket was always full, the other half was empty because the water was seeping through the crack along the road. The whole bucket was very proud of its integrity, but the… Continue reading The two buckets.

from a psychological point of view

What your unconscious is responsible for…

For hundreds of years, the mind-body dualism was widely adopted by many scientists and psychologists. Confirming that mental experiences are separate from body experiences. The nervous system has two main elements, the central nervous system (CNS), which are the neural networks in the brain and spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system (PNS), which are… Continue reading What your unconscious is responsible for…

from a psychological point of view

The subconscious mind

The subconscious mind has a much stronger sense of awareness of your surroundings than your conscious mind (some suggest it’s where your “sixth sense” comes from) and is always switched on. Subconscious is that part of consciousness which is not in current awareness. It is the repository of different ideas, wishes, desires, and emotions. Faith… Continue reading The subconscious mind

from a psychological point of view

The conscious mind

So let us see how do the thoughts, you don’t know you’re having run your life? You are living in a story. Now while you are the central character in that story, you have problems because you are creating the story unconsciously. Your mind is creat your map of the world. How does the mind… Continue reading The conscious mind