fairy tales for grown up

Most valuable.

One man in childhood was very close to his old neighbor. But the time passed, there has been the school and hobbies, then work and personal life. Every minute the young man was busy, and he did not have time to recall the past or even to stay with friends. Once he heard that the… Continue reading Most valuable.

fairy tales for grown up

The dream.

In one poor village was born a boy. He spent his days senselessly, mechanically and monotonously, as well as the rest of the inhabitants of this dying little village, not knowing what to do with one's own life. In one fine night, he dreamed of the sea. None of the villagers have ever seen the… Continue reading The dream.

fairy tales for grown up

The cocoon.

... The cocoon lay motionless for a long time without changes. But one day a small hole appeared in the cocoon. An accidentally passing man stopped and began to observe what would happen to the cocoon. The man stood for hours and watched the butterfly trying to get out through this small crevice. A long… Continue reading The cocoon.

fairy tales for grown up

How important Love is…

Once upon a long time on Earth, was an island on which all spiritual values ​​lived. But one day they noticed how the island began to go under the water. All the values ​​sat on their ships and swam away. On the island, there was only Love left. She waited until the last, but when… Continue reading How important Love is…

fairy tales for grown up

Three important questions

  The king of one country aspired to all wisdom. There was going rumors that there is a certain hermit who knows the answers to all the questions. The king came to him and sees; a decrepit old man, that digs a garden. He jumped off the horse and bowed to the old man. "I… Continue reading Three important questions

from a spiritual point of view

The 7 colors of the spectrum

3. Yellow level They rule the world. The main essence is the manifestation of the will, practically life on the energies of the 3rd chakra. People of the "yellow" level of spiritual development. What are they? Ambitious, vain, assertive, strong-willed and purposeful. A typical example of elaborated "yellow" is a successful businessman, politician, speaker, artist,… Continue reading The 7 colors of the spectrum

fairy tales for grown up

Parable of 1000 Balls

  A few weeks ago I prepared my coffee, took the morning paper and sat down to listen to the radio. Switching the channels of the radio station, I suddenly stopped my attention on the velvet voice of an old man. He said something about "a thousand balls." I became interested, made a louder sound… Continue reading Parable of 1000 Balls